The Old Time Radio Fan (OTRFan.com) was started to help share the magic of radio from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Thanks to the internet, websites abound where you can purchase these wonderful old shows for a small fee, but the number of totally free sites is relatively small.

The venerable KNX Drama Hour, a 9-10pm regular feature in Southern California, was cancelled last year. That provided the impetus to turn to the web for our daily OTR fix.

With the internet, the step from listener to broadcaster is not a very big one. One thing led to another...


Crimes. Murders. Unexplained disappearances. That's what you will find here. Sometimes an odd space alien or ghost gets into the picture, but generally there is a felony involved in all our shows. Of course these are 1940s-style crimes and everything you will find on this site pales in comparison to a night of current prime-time television!

By request, there are a few comedies, westerns, and scifi shows from the Golden Age of Radio just to add a little variety to the lineup.

This site is like a sampler. It is not intended to be a "download an entire series" site. You can visit our sponsors for that sort of thing. But there are generally hundreds of shows available for listening on a given day. Shows are removed and added constantly, so if you see one you like, the best advice is to listen as soon as you can. It may be gone tomorrow!


My name is Dave and I run the site with the help of a small, but dedicated, group of reviewers that check every show before it goes online. I'd love to hear from you with any suggestions, complaints, or advice. Just pop over to the contact page to send me a note.

Happy Listening!