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The Old Time Radio Fan is dedicated to sharing copyright-free Old Time Radio programs to all who love this entertainment from yesteryear. Although this site and the pages herein are copyrighted, the shows (MP3 files) are not:

Copyright Notice: does not own copyrights to any of the shows presented on this site. It is believed that these shows do not enjoy copyright protection due to their age and other factors. The shows are readily available from a variety of vendors with similar copyright notices. This site is dedicated to bringing the magic of the Golden Age of Radio to as wide an audience as possible. Therefore, does not sell the recordings or charge for access to the the site in any way. If any show can be shown to be covered under copyright it will be removed immediately.

We are not trying to infringe on anyone's rights by the distribution of these shows. Consequently, shows suspected or known to be covered under copyright will not be hosted here. The following shows are excluded from

  1. Any show (file) that includes a spoken copyright notice in the audio content.
  2. Any show (file) that includes a modern introduction or commentary. These programs typically come from copyrighted cassette tapes.
  3. Any show (file) that is obviously a soundtrack from a movie or television show.

Comments and suggestions regarding this site and the copyright status of any show presented here are always welcome.