Old Time Radio was broadcast in an era that was much less diversity-oriented than modern times. Consequently, many ethnic and racial stereotypes are heard, especially on the earlier shows. It seems at times that anything other white, male, mainstream American characters are one-dimensional caricatures. Southerners (U.S.), New Englanders, African-Americans, African natives, Asians, Hispanics, Europeans, Russians, and Native Americans all show up as thick-accented, stupid, and usually the enemy. [To be perfectly honest, it makes me cringe when I hear these characters].

Please consider these broadcasts in their historical context. The Old Time Radio Fan does not condone these provincial stereotypes in any way.


Smoking kills, and advertisements for tobacco products have been banned from the U.S. airwaves for years. Cigarette companies in particular though, were responsible for many Old Time Radio shows. You will hear their ads often as you peruse the files at otrfan.com. Please just listen for your amusement. The Old Time Radio Fan does not support smoking in any way, shape, or form.