Old Time Radio Web Sites

Looking for more Old Time Radio around the internet? Here are some of my favorite sites for information, downloads, and shopping.


EY's Audio Links  Listing of sites featuring Old Time Radio Shows in MP3 & Real Audio

Old-Time  Educational information for collectors. Valuable resource for all OTR enthusiasts, including the searchable Humongous Database of Old Time Radio episode titles and air dates.

The Nostalgia Pages  Links include shows in MPG and RA, logs, photos, & special events.

Wikipedia: Old Time Radio This online user-editable encyclopedia offers a good introduction to Old Time Radio.

Unofficial I Love a Mystery Home Page Central information source for fans of this very popular Carlton E. Morse adventure series. Everything you wanted to know about Jack, Doc, and Reggie.

Downloads and Streams

Jezner Studios Old Time Radio  Straight MP3 downloads of such favorites as The Whistler, The Shadow, Escape and more. Shows change weekly. There is also a forum where you can chat OTR.

Old Radio World  A nice variety of free downloadable radio shows.

Radio Lovers  Free Old Time Radio Shows


OTRCAT: Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD Catalog  List of shows for sale or trade. Includes sci-fi, comedy, drama, mystery, westerns, soaps, and many more.