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This area is for the patient and the passionate only!!!

Hiss, crackle, pop! Welcome to the scrap heap! This is the world of OTR that didn't make the cut for our main site. Each episode in this section has been identified by our reviewers as having one or more serious audio defects. The episodes are posted here so that passionate collectors and patient OTR lovers alike can enjoy some extra entertainment. Think of it as on online rummage sale. You may find gems or junk. But it will take a little sacrifice on your part to listen extra intently, hence the name "Ear Benders".

Murky, muffled, hissy, crackly, too quiet, overmodulated. These are some of the terms our team of reviewers use to describe defective shows. If you can put up with it, download a show today!

This no-frills, bargain basement section of otrfan.com is subject to change without notice. It is updated on an irregular basis. Shows might be here for a day or a year. You have been warned!

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Series# Episodes
Abbott and Costello2
Baby Snooks Show, The1
Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator2
Beyond Midnight3
Bill Stern's Sports Reel1
Black Museum, The1
Bob Hope1
Boston Blackie4
Box 131
Broadway Is My Beat3
Can You Top This?1
Casebook of Gregory Hood, The1
Casey, Crime Photographer1
Cavalcade of America1
Cisco Kid, The2
Crime Does Not Pay3
Damon Runyon Theater2
Dimension X1
Dr. Kildare1
Fat Man, The2
Fibber McGee and Molly3
Fred Allen1
Great Gildersleeve, The1
Harry Lime, the Third Man3
I Was A Communist For The FBI2
Jack Benny3
Let George Do It1
Lights Out4
Lineup, The1
Lum and Abner1
Magic Island2
Michael Shayne1
Molle Mystery Theater1
Mysterious Traveler3
Our Miss Brooks1
Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, The1
Philip Marlowe, The Adventures of2
Philo Vance4
Quiet Please8
Tales of the Texas Rangers1