The Battle of the Century

“Six o’clock in the morning on top of a haystack in somebody’s pasture somewhere in Yolo County, California.”

So begins The Battle of the Century, another installment of the popular Carlton E. Morse adventure series I Love a Mystery. Featuring the escapades of Jack, Doc, and Reggie in an action-packed, two-fisted, knock-down, drag-em-out tale, The Battle of the Century pulls no punches!

This serial was comprised of 18 episodes that ran weekdays on the Mutual Broadcasting System from Monday, January 30 until Wednesday, February 22, 1950. Only 14 of the episodes are available for listening today, but the plot is clear even without the four missing episodes.

Starring Russell Thorson as Jack Packard, Jim Boles as Doc Long, Tony Randall as Reggie York, and Mercedes McCambridge as Miss “Jack Dempsey” Ross. Written and directed by Carlton E. Morse.