Operation Luna

This 1958 BBC production from the Journey Into Space series takes us on a wild 12-part adventure to the moon. Captain "Jet" Morgan, Stephen "Mitch" Mitchell, Doc Matthews , and Lemmy Barnet are the first astronauts to reach the moon, and what they find there is truly astonishing!

Airing weekly beginning March 26, 1958, the show featured Andrew Faulds, David Williams, Guy Kingsley Pointer, and Alfie Bass.

Operation Luna Fans: The last two episodes (11 and 12) are rather large, weighing in at about 20MB and 17MB, respectively. Please plan your downloading accordingly!

For convenience, you can download all 12 episodes in one zip file, but it's big (about 150MB). It will consume most of an entire day's allotment (see the AUP for details).

Click here to download all 12 episodes as one zip file (150 MB)

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