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Christmas shows
Christmas Shows

You have found the right spot! A place where you can listen for free to your favorite old-time detective stories, mystery shows and more. Classics like Dragnet, Nero Wolfe, Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, and many others.

Listen to the past come alive with the screech of a police whistle in Gang Busters or the haunting organ music that opens each episode of I Love A Mystery.

Best of all, listen to the shows you like, when it's convenient for you! Unlike a traditional radio station, OTRFan.com lets you pick the time and show. Technically, it is on-demand streaming MP3. In plain English, it means virtually everyone with an internet connection can enjoy free old time radio!

Happy Trails!

OTRFan will be shutting down soon. It's been fun since 2004, but the internet has moved on. Thanks for listening!

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